Local Capital Region venues may not know exactly what events will look like this summer, but several are very confident they will happen in some format.

Ever since Governor Cuomo's recent announcement that he was targeting February to get the arts up and running again with special state-run events, there has been a lot of buzz and discussion about what concerts and shows could look like after February for the rest of 2021. Today, we are getting some insight from the venue side.

The Times Union recently polled several area venues to get their thoughts on and approach to the coming events season, and all of those polled expressed very high confidence that events with fans in attendance will be happening this coming summer. Among those venues was SPAC, which said they are 100% confident they will have fans in attendance for shows this summer.

What SPAC could not say is what fans in attendance would mean exactly. Representatives told the Times Union they are contemplating several options for the upcoming season as things like "venue capacity and density, public perception and willingness to go back into larger gatherings" will all play into event execution once a final plan is determined.

Once we get into a world where events are happening regularly as we ramp back up, things like capacity limits and social distancing could still be in place. These will both play a big role in events as so much rides on how many fans can purchase tickets to a show. Some may be financially feasible to do, while others that would necessitate a bigger crowd or a full house may not be possible. Those capacity limits and distancing measures will all ride on where we stand versus COVID-19 in the months ahead. This is why at this point venues are still in limbo in regards to planning for 2021. It is just too early to tell what the rest of the year will look like. In spite of that uncertainty, the arts will be more present in some manner in the new year.

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