Okay, if you want to get technical about it, Titanic’s 25th anniversary already passed. The film was first released on December 19, 1997. But Titanic’s writer/director, James Cameron, was a little busy the weekend of its actual 25th anniversary; he had a new movie, Avatar: The Way of Water, opening in theaters.

So the 25th anniversary celebrate was put on hold until February, when Titanic will get a 25th anniversary re-release in theaters. And this version will be remastered in 4K and, per the press release, shown in “3D 4K HDR and high-frame rate.” Those icebergs have never looked so cold.

Titanic was notorious prior to its release because of its production was the biggest and most expensive in the history of Hollywood, and the most was delayed because Cameron needed extra time to finish the film. But when it did open in theaters, the movie became the biggest box-office hit in history to that point (it remains #3 on the all-time list behind Cameron’s Avatar and Avengers: Endgame) and turned Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into mega-stars.

As part of the re-release, there’s a new trailer for the film:

There’s a new poster for the film as well.


I’ll spare you the plot synopsis; we all know the plot synopsis of Titanic right? The boat sinks, Leo and Kate fall in love, Leo yells “I’m the king of the world!” the old lady tosses the necklace, yadda yadda yadda, the end.

Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water continues to dominate the box office charts; it’s already grossed over $1.71 billion and shows very little sign of slowing down. While it seems unlikely that The Way of Water will pay Titanic on the all-time box office list, wouldn’t it be something if next week Cameron had two of the biggest movies in the country simultaneously?

Titanic’s 25th anniversary re-release debuts in theaters on Friday, February 10.

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