YAAAY!  It is National Corned Beef Has Day!  And, yes...I will celebrate!

I love the dish.  For breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack.  I am a bit fussy about it, however.  Keep your peppers and onions to yourself.  And, although the allure of the name of Red Flannel Hash has drawn me close to it, II hate beets so I will pass on this dish.   I like my corned beet hash plain.

So where does the term "corned beef" even come from.  Not corn, The term refers to chunks of rock salt that are implanted in beef to help preserve it for a longer time.  Sounds kind of gross.

If corned beef hash is on a breakfast menu at a diner I always order it after I find out there are no peppers and onions in it.  And, I am proud to say, I have even ordered a second helping of it when the first was gone.

So bring on "National Corned Beef Hash Day.  I am ready to celebrate.

Are you?

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