Todd Bol has died.  The founder of the "free little libraries" was 62. 

Bol was the brains behind a phenomenon that has brought thousands of free books to even the smallest corner of rural America.  They can be seen all across the landscape:  a little house or "library" perched on a pole in the front yard of a home or business.  A glass door invites you to take one of the free books inside home to read and then asks that you leave another book for others to enjoy.

Today there are more than 75,000 Little Free Library locations around the U.S.  Many of them can be found in Upstate New York.

The photos in this article show a Little Free library near the small town of Index, N.Y. in front of a bank building.

Have you seen or used a Little Free Library?

R.I.P. Todd Bol and thanks for the books!

todd 2
todd 3

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