So far in the year of our Lord, 2022, 700 firearms have been caught at security checkpoints in Florida alone, 120 of which were stopped at checkpoints within Fort Lauderdale. Now, not all of them were intentionally brought to the airport, but that's still about 14% of firearms at those TSA checkpoints in the Sunshine State alone.

“There’s a personal fowl here,” the TSA’s started their pun-filled post. “The plot chickens as we barrel our way closer to Thanksgiving. For us, it’s a time to be thankful that our officers are always working around the cluck to keep you safe.”

When the TSA officers spot a firearm on the x-ray machine, the screening line stops where it stands while local law enforcement come to take control of the firearm and remove the traveler from the checkpoint.

New 3-D Explosives Scanner Installed At TSA Checkpoint At Miami Airport
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Whether or not the firearm brings a criminal charge with it, there's a $1,500 civil fine, and that fine jumps to $3,000 if the gun is loaded.

Higher penalties come based on whether the firearm being on the person is an accident or is obviously intentional, such as if the violation showed the person taking extra steps to hide the gun - like behind the lining of a suitcase, or in the case of this recent share from the agency; inside of a raw chicken.

Just to be clear, it's apparently not okay to bring your sealed water bottle on the plane, but a fully uncooked, raw holiday-sized chicken is a-okay. That is, of course, unless you stuff a gun inside of it.

“Feather you like it or not, there are rules for traveling with guns and ammunition,” their post continues “So, don’t wing it.”

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