The Oneonta History Center is re-opening Friday, May 13, after a four month closure for renovations.

“We at the Greater Oneonta Historical Society are looking forward to opening our doors to the community and sharing our new permanent exhibitions,” Executive Director Marcela Micucci said during an interview with CNY News the day before reopening.

The new exhibit is called, “Small Community, Big Ideas — Greater Oneonta.” It is housed on the History Center’s reimagined first floor.

The History Center opened in 1939 with a mission of promoting the greater Oneonta region. “We preserve our past by collecting and preserving authentic objects and documents,” Micucci said.

The History Center has more than 10,000 items including an early 20th Century player piano and 300 piano rolls. The piano was made in Oneonta.  First floor modernized areas consist of the entryway, exhibit spaces, a train themed children’s corner, and the gift shop. There is new flooring and freshly painted walls.

Money for the renovations came from private donors, grants and individuals. Long term plans call for rebuilding the third floor ballroom with a $250,000 state grant. GOHS collections are not static. At regular intervals a committee accepts carefully curated donations from area residents.  The Oneonta History Center is free and open to the public. “We do have a suggested donation, but we will never turn anyone away,” Micucci said.

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