Possibly one of the hardest parts of wedding planning for me has been deciding on the guest list. My fiancé has a big family where he does not know exactly how he is related to everyone. Bustle did the research to find out exactly what "once removed" means when figuring out how someone is related to you.

If you're curious to know, it means that the person you're related to who is "once removed" is a generation apart from you. So any cousin of my dad would be my cousin once removed.

Now I always assumed that meant they were maybe my second cousin or something. I guess for second cousins they would be my first cousin once removed's children. So my dad's cousin's children are my second cousins. It's a little confusing, I know.

If you're still struggling to visualize all of this and figure out how you are related to someone in your family, maybe consider drawing out a family tree. If you're confused, then I'm sure other members of your family are likely also confused, and a family tree drawing could help!

(via Bustle)

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