Today is my birthday, and I am 29 years old (for real). Next year, I'll be turning 30 years old, and there is a lot of connotation tied to one's 30th birthday that I am not quite ready to confront. Cosmopolitan explains that there are some things that you should never say to someone on their 30th birthday.

  • "You're too old to do..." NOPE. Unless that thing is illegal to do (then it doesn't matter what your age is). I am a firm believer that you can do whatever you want at any age. If I want to dye my hair fire engine red tomorrow, I am going to do that, and you can't stop me!
  • "Thirty is the new twenty!" I don't want to be twenty again. Please don't make me go through my twenties again. I have more money, more stability, more focus and more clarity now than I did nine years ago.
  • "It's all downhill from here!" I hope not! Thirty is still young; thirty is still fun! As I've heard before, your thirties is your twenties but with money! I feel like I am still going up and up, so it better not start going downhill at thirty.

I have one more year left of my twenties. I am so excited to turn thirty, but maybe I'm the exception.

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