Your cell phone contains so much of your life, I get it. That being said, there is still so much going on around you that miss when your head is looking down towards your phone!

  • Noticing your surroundings makes you happier just by looking and acknowledging nature in your every day life. You don't have to fly out to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone to appreciate nature. There are so many beautiful parks that we have right here!
  • You could meet someone special which I understand sounds crazy in this age of online and app dating, but I met my husband in a bar... no online presence necessary!
  • You'll get to where you're going faster and feels good! You walk slower if you're texting at the same time. So walk to your destination and then text that message if you still need to.

Being present in your life is so important, and there's so much you'll miss out on if you don't lift your head up every once in a while.

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