Last Monday, on May 21, at 6pm, the world was supposed to end. It obviously didn't, but shouldn't there have been major looting, riots and repentance? Of course not. So many very crazy (or very smart) people have not only predicted the end of the world, but made sure that the every last person hears about it.

Harold Camping, a well-known preacher, told the whole world a tremendous lie and got away with it. Why did most people just ignore him? Because people have been making this stuff up for thousands of years. Since no one understands math anyway, It's easy to blame the lack of an apocalypse on a "miscalculation".

His signs say that this time, "The Bible Guarantees It". Most of these predictions are supposedly based on the bible, though for all Harold Camping's 70 year studies of the Bible he seems to have missed the 3 times it states "no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself". That's right, not only can every scientists debunk these wackos, but even the religion they're standing on won't support them.

Why do these guys do it? This is Harold Camping's third failure. He's still the speaker on the "Family Radio Network" which runs 66 radio stations on donations from dedicated listeners. Somehow, he's repeatedly convincing a huge amount of Americans of something that was proven wrong twice before. And he's making tons of money off of them. That doesn't sound like an insane prophet to me, that just sounds like an intelligent, amoral swindler.

Some of these gullible types had actually quit their jobs to profess the end of the world message to everyone. But there's a reason they're so desperate. 66% of the world strongly disagrees that the world will end during their lifetime. Not only are the believers in these crackpot theories very few (though proud), most of the world would argue against them. Imagine quitting work to easily tell the loving world how they're about to die, then finding out everyone hates you for your ignorance. Now imagine realizing you have to go back to your real job on May 22.

Hopefully, as technology and education increases the knowledge of everyday Americans, things like this won't happen as often. If you don't learn your history, it repeats itself. If you don't realize that scam artists like Harold Camping have done this before and gotten away with it, you might fall into his trap. Until Steven Hawkins (not Yisrael Hawkins) predicts a possible end of the world based on real science and math, I'm not going end-of-the-world crazy.