It takes a big person to admit when they make a mistake. So give Will Smith credit: He knows when he made a big mistake in his career.

Doing an video interview for GQ, Smith answered a variety of questions about his life and work. When the subject turned to his best and worst movies, he didn’t have to think very hard about it. For his best movie, Smith named a tie between Men in Black and The Pursuit of Happyness. For the worst movie, he cited his notorious 1999 flop Wild West West.

Here was the explanation he gave (although really, if you’ve seen it, you know none is record.)

I don’t know, Wild Wild West just is a thorn in my side. To see myself with chaps... I don’t like it.

Smith has made no secret of his dislike of Wild Wild West. He’s previously told the story about how the Wachowskis wanted him to star as Neo in The Matrix and pitched him on the movie and he ... just didn’t get it. So he turned the role down. And instead he made... Wild Wild West. That is a wicki-wild wild blunder.

That said, I’m not sure I’d pick Wild Wild West as Smith’s worst movie. Oh sure, it’s bad. But is it Collateral Beauty bad? That’s a tough call.

You can next see Will Smith in a natural documentary series titled Welcome to Earth. It premieres on Disney+ in December. You can watch his full video for GQ below:

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