It’s hard to pick just one thing to be excited about for the Wonder Woman sequel. Another Patty Jenkins-helmed adventure with Gal Gadot‘s Diana Prince, all of the amazing ‘80s attire, the fact that Steve Trevor is somehow back, and a female villain played by Kristen Wiig; how much better can it get?

A few weeks ago Jenkins shared a sneak peek of Wiig’s new baddie Barbara Minerva, aka Cheetah, in Wonder Woman 1984. Now a set video has leaked online that shows Wiig leaping into action. We don’t get to see her full Cheetah form just yet unfortunately, but it’s still pretty cool to see Wiig shot upwards on some wires.

And here, the most Kristen Wiig face you ever did see:

I, for one, cannot wait to see Gadot and Wiig face off in the new movie, much less Wiig play a comic book villain. In the comics, Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s oldest nemeses. The version Wiig is playing is Barbara Minerva, a British archeologist in the DC comics who travels to Africa in search of a tribe. There she ingests an ancient plant concoction from the plant god Urzkartaga in hopes to gain immortality. She ends up transforming into a half-human, half-cheetah hybrid with super-powered abilities that include super strength and speed – hence her effortlessly leaping into the air above.

Wonder Woman 1984 will also star Game of Thrones fave Pedro Pascal, a rumored cameo by original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, and as mentioned above, somehow Chris Pine‘s Steve Trevor is alive again, looking not a day older than his WWI-era self. The sequel hits theaters on November 1, 2019.

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