Yung Gravy is playing up the saucy speculation that he only dates older women.

The “Betty (Get Money)” singer recently dropped in with PopCrush Nights hosts Donny Meacham and Lauryn Snapp to confirm the rumor that he likes to date "MILFs."

In particular, he's got some serious love for Martha Stewart. So much so that he says he even once took her out on a date!

“You might have to fight Pete Davidson over Martha Stewart! She did come out saying that she thinks [Pete] is pretty cute, and she would love to go out on a date with him,” Meacham teased.

“I’ve already been on a date with her,” Yung Gravy replied.

“So I am a step ahead ... A step ahead of Pete Davidson. I got a lot of love for Pete Davidson. He’s a legend," the rapper continued, referencing Stewart's recent flirtation with Davidson.

We wonder if Stewart's sexy pool selfie had anything to do with Yung Gravy's crush on the 81-year-old mogul.

This isn't the first time Snoop Dogg’s best friend has grabbed Yung Gravy’s attention.

In 2020, Yung Gravy released "Martha Stewart," a song titled after the lifestyle business baddie. On the track, he raps:

Make maneuvers (Yeah), think I'm Martha Stewart (Woah) / Martha Stewart (Ayy), with some cougars (Baby) / Gravy with your mama in the kitchen, Martha Stewart (Ayy) / It's Martha Stewart, (Martha Stewart) I had to do her (Martha Stewart)

The viral hit eventually became the premise of a hilarious advertisement starring the pair, which Yung Gravy called a "dream collab."

Watch below:

The pair also posed for a cute photo together earlier this year for Valentine's Day.

See below:

At the 2022 MTV VMAs, Yung Gravy told Entertainment Tonight that he is attracted to MILFs for various reasons.

"They’re more experienced. They are an under-serviced community. And they deserve more attention, so I thought I would be the one," he said.

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