For almost every school kid in New York State, the New York Capital District always meant only one thing.  Field Trip!!

The cities of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy are only separated by about 5 miles from each other.  There is so much history here that one could spend a full weekend exploring the region.

But this list is a little different.  We have compiled a short list of 21 places we think you should put on your next bucket list when you travel to the Capital District.  It includes several fantastic restaurants, a great theatre, some oddities (who was Lawrence the Indian and why is he a beloved statue in Schenectady's historic Stockade District?).  And what about that gigantic dog up on the roof in downtown Albany?  He looks real familiar but what is that all about?

Of course this list could have included more than 100, or 200 more stops along the way, but we think this list touches base on a lot of things visitors like to seek out when they travel.

So take a look and the next time you are in the Capital District grab a Famous Lunch hot dog, a glass of German beer in a glass stein in a biergarten, and then walk the paths of one of the most honored rose gardens in New York State.  Or try your luck at New York's first state licensed casino.  Or take a cruise down the Hudson.

You get the idea.  Have fun!

21 Ways to Make Your Visit to New York's Capital District Perfect

We have compiled a short list of 21 bullet points for you to utilize on your next visit to New York's Capital District. Historic sites, great restaurants, maybe an awesome book store, don't forget the world's largest dog, and stop and say hello to" Lawrence the Indian," how about some great theater, or even a historic cemetery? They are all on here and many more places to explore. While this list could number 100 or more places, we believe this is a fun starting point for your visit.

Read On! These Upstate Bars are 100, 150, and More Than 200 Years Old!

I like a bar or a tavern as much as the next person. But my enjoyment of the outing is heightened greatly if the pub has some interesting history to it. And it you are a century old, or even two centuries old, well, that bar will definitely have some great DNA behind it. Here is a list of a 14 great taverns, scattered all over Upstate New York, that have been serving up cold brews for a very long time, some more than 200 years. Obviously this list could be a lot longer, and we will revisit it in the future, but this list should adequately "wet your whistle." Have you been to any of these historic places?

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