The support and character of the New Berlin community was on full display recently at the brand new Firehouse.  Preferred Mutual Insurance based in New Berlin dedicated a plaque of A Firefighter's Prayer to the New Berlin Firehouse.  President & CEO of Preferred Mutual, Chris Taft made these comments at the dedication ceremony. “Strength. Courage. Faith. Sacrifice.   These sentiments are captured within the Firefighter’s Prayer, and they are in each and every volunteer responder.  We hope this plaque gives our first responders the courage to push forward, no matter what the challenge may be, and provide a reminder of the important and indispensable work they do every single day.”

Let's take a closer look into the story behind A Firefighter's Prayer also known as the Fireman's Prayer.  The author of the prayer is reported to be a man named A.W. 'Smokey' Linn, who joined the Wichita, Kansas Fire Department after serving in World War II.  The actual incident that inspired the poem according to Linn's granddaughter involved a blaze that took the lives of three children.   The plaque was presented to the New Berlin Firehouse on May 18th with members of the community, firefighters and officers, local elected officials, and representatives of Preferred Mutual in attendance.

For those that have not yet seen where the new station is located, it’s street address is 75 south Main Street in the village of New Berlin. For those coming into the village from the south, it's on the right-hand side before the Y formation in the road.  It's right across from Ted’s body shop.

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