Even if I wasn't involved in the radio industry, I will always believe in the importance of music.  I have always loved it and believe in the power of it.  Saturday May 22nd was National Buy A Musical Instrument Day.  Did you miss out?  No big deal if you did.  Go out today and get one if you are musically inclined.

That is where the young Malanoski went wrong.  I have zero god given artistic and musical talent.  But that didn't stop me from trying.  My older brother played a saxophone and was really good.  So when it was my turn to decide on a musical instrument, I was all in.  I have no idea what went into my thought process but I chose the trombone.  I think it still resides in the family attic to this day.

I was so excited.  So shiny and it had the cool factor with the sliding back and forth mechanism.  The trombone honeymoon ended very quickly.  The instrument was not so shiny when it resided in the dull heavy black case.  I hated dragging this around everywhere.  I struggled with learning the instrument as practicing was not a strength of mine.  The trombone experiment was a failed one.

Saying that, I think if you are talented at all, then don't hesitate and get a musical instrument.  Choose wisely and make sure it suits you.  My son really had no interest.  However, my daughter Olivia loves music and is actually enrolled in a music class.  We started off small with a recorder but I'm sure a much larger instrument will be purchased in the near future.

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