Put Your Hands together for this Townie Award Recipient that Saves Animals Lives While Actually Wearing Ripped Jeans.

Super Heroes In Ripped Jeans was founded by Terra Butler. Through her years of work in animal shelters, she discovered an incredible demand in the community for low-cost spay/neuter programs, a pet food pantry, and assistance obtaining emergency veterinary care.  After seeing no one take action, Butler stepped up and addressed the issues herself. She gathered a small, but vital army of volunteers to help carry out the movement. Super Heroes officially established themselves in the summer of 2017.  Super Heroes In Ripped Jeans is located at 697 Winney Hill Road, Oneonta, NY.  To find out how you can be a Super Hero call (607) 441-3227.

The 2021 Townsquare Media Oneonta Townie Awards sponsored by Rogers Best Value Tire & Auto. The Townies are our way of honoring some of the local businesses that help define the unique character of the community.

Look: Townsquare Oneonta Townies Awards 2021

From Saving Animals While Wearing Ripped Jeans to sharing a delicious diner meal with dolls--and even a good spot to get a tan where the clock never changes, Townsquare Media Oneonta is proud to present our picks for the 2021 Townie Awards.

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