Hopefully you are having garlic today and lots of it! That's because it is National Garlic Day(April 19th).  I love garlic but I am well aware of what it does.  Just like I know how creepy it looks when I hug my 80's Cabbage Patch Doll, Brian Page, out in public, I am also well aware how my breath is atrocious after garlic.  So is it worth it?

Delight your taste buds with a garlic flavored dish but know people will walk away and your significant other will turn down the most innocent of smooches.  I am usually good with garlic if it is for dinner.  During the day I tend to say no and not because I am nervous that people from work will walk away but due to the way it will effect me.

Even with brushing the choppers vigorously, garlic tends to linger.  One of those flavors that is absolutely delicious while eating but not so great when it still wants to be your aftertaste buddy hours after.  The other factor these days is a mask tends to make you breathe in whatever you recently consumed if the food carries a strong odor.

Garlic also needs to be credited with keeping Vampires away.  I was curious of the origin of this hatred.  After digging deep into my Vampire research, these corpse-like, fanged people suffer from the disease porphyria.  Those that suffer from this, tend to have an intolerance for foods with a high sulphur content. That includes, you guessed it, garlic.

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