A Procastinator's Dream.  As my teachers and bosses over the years have learned I put things off to the last minute.  So while many of you have done your taxes, I have not.  That's because I put it off until I absolutely have to do it.  The IRS announced in March that the tax deadline has been pushed back to May 17th. Phew!

So National Tax day becomes anti-climatic and now I will have all kinds of nerves and sweating up a storm in Mid-May because I'm sure I won't do anything till then.  How many of you are the same way?  It's not a horrible process and I make much more out of it than there actually is.  As busy as I am with this job and two kids anything extra always gets pushed back.

I wish I was not like this because it causes so much undue stress.  But I am in my 40's and have not changed yet so it's doubtful that I will.  So what a pleasant surprise this is.  I now have time to write this article instead of worrying about getting everything together and actually getting my taxes done.  I am telling myself right now that after this article I will get all my things together and make an appointment for next week so I'm not rushing to beat the deadline.  I have good intentions but something else will come up and it will be Mid-May before you know it and the stress that does not need to be there will be there in full force.

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