Roughly three and a half years.  That is the age gap between myself and my brother Chad Malanoski.  Pretty perfect age gap for me, not sure what Chad thinks about it.  Happy National Siblings Day(April 10th) to my older brother as I have many things to thank him for.

I'm sure I am forgetting a lot, but my first memory of Chad is his love for professional wrestling from a very young age.  I wanted to be just like Chad so I was all in.  Professional Wrestling was very different in the early 80's than it is right now.  It was awesome and I loved every minute of it.  This love turned into much more than watching these titans in the ring.  Much to the dismay of our grandparents, Chad and I had our own elaborate wrestling cards.  Names, wardrobes, finishing moves, we did it all.

We had our battles probably like any brothers but overall Chad was a model big brother and still is to this day.  Besides the thriving marriage he has with his Wife, Lori, Chad has three wonderful boys.  Cooper, Landon and Payton.  No surprise to me that he transitioned from being a great brother into an outstanding father.  Not only that, but he has been outstanding as an Uncle thru the years to Aiven and now Olivia.

From his love of Midnight Oil to Twin Peaks, Chad has always been a super intelligent, passionate and comical person that I am extremely proud to call my brother.  Happy National Siblings Day Chad Malanoski!


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