Rewind back to last year.  Before my son's senior year in high school, Aiven asked me something that I thought I would never hear from him.  He wanted to get a perm.  What? My son?  I thought we shared the same belief that perms are not for us.  My dad had one in the 70's but I thought that was left in the 70's.  As I started to panic, I realized I had to let him learn the hard way.  For whatever reason, Aiven did not end up getting one.  Phew!

While I have probably offended all the men that currently have a perm, let me explain myself further.  I currently have an advanced widows peak.  Oh okay, who am I kidding I am pretty much bald.  At this point I would take a perm over what I have. Well, maybe not.  My point is that I'm not one to judge when it comes to hair.  And I'm not. Just sharing my personal opinion.

I have done some digging to further open my eyes when it comes to perms for men.  Not only is the style apparently back, which I never thought it was here to begin with, there are a ton of different perm hairstyles.  That blew my mind.  I thought the hair stylist just slapped a perm up there and said enjoy your day fine sir. Per usual, boy was I wrong.  Although a loose curls perm sounds enticing, I think I'm going to sit this hairstyle out and keep convincing myself that I have an advanced widows peak.

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