Let's take a deep dive into the grilled cheese sandwich on National Grilled Cheese Day(April 12th).  Oh so many ways you can go while making this delicious classic.   Let's get this out of the way, do you like grilled cheese?  I don't think I would ever order one out but at home I will never turn down this cheesy masterpiece.

My perfect grilled cheese goes something like this.  Regular white bread as I'm not a fancy guy.  Unfortunately, I'm not the healthiest guy either.  That means a ton of butter.  I want the bread completely saturated with butter.  If we haven't already disagreed this is where we could hit the cheese fork in the road.  Throw in white American Cheese and I am very happy and full.

One preference I have when it comes to grilled cheese is a bowl of tomato soup by it's side.  This is not a requirement but a welcomed addition.  I like to dunk.  Makes the flavor even that much more fantastic.  I think a bowl of tomato soup by itself is gross.  So some of the soup will be wasted which I don't like to do.

What is your cheese selection?  I have had many with yellow American Cheese and I know that's a popular choice but it's just a little to much cheese taste for me. Quickly, why is it called yellow?  It clearly is orange.  I know there are fancy grilled cheeses out there but again I enjoy the basic the best.  I don't think I will even have one on April 12th.  Just wanted to show some appreciation for the sandwich that has put many smiles on my face over the years.


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