Parents have plenty of practice checking for monsters.  For all the non-parents, did you make your Mom and Dad check for monsters?  Monsters have been a hot topic in the Malanoski household as of late.  My five year old daughter has developed quite the imagination and monsters are a part of it.

When Olivia asks me if I can check for monsters, I take my job seriously.  I have to admit I have developed the preconceived notion that monsters are rather large.  So that's what I'm looking for.  If there is a small monster in the room, I am not going to find it.  Behind doors and in closets are a must look.  I don't bend that well so under the bed has always been a tough spot for me.  If the monster isn't on one of the edges, again the monster wins.

Looking for monsters is for my daughter to give her that re-assurance but no, I don't believe in mythical monsters.  That message is conveyed to my daughter every night as well.  But as long as she wants me to check, I will take my parental role as monster checker very seriously.

Was I afraid of monsters?  Oh Yes.  My dad has tried to watch every single horror movie ever made.  In part, I saw my fair share of spooky characters at an early age.  I don't remember asking my Dad to check for monsters because I probably figured since he liked them so much he probably would become buddies with them and gang up on me.  But now as a parent I am fully confident monsters aren't real but if they are, I will find them before my daughter goes to sleep.




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