Delaware County Sheriff Craig S. DuMond announced today that he has implemented a body worn camera program and has equipped his Patrol Deputies with Axon Body Worn Cameras. Axon is the industry leader in body worn camera technology.

Body-worn cameras have been considered a valuable asset that will capture audio and video documentation of incidents and encounters with members of the public. They are considered to be a valuable tool in the prosecution of criminal cases by supplementing a Deputy's court testimony with audio and video evidence associated with an incident. They can also aid in the investigation complaints that may be made against officers.

"I think what we'll find is what is being seen nationwide; that the overwhelming majority of the time, these cameras show law enforcement officers are doing things right. The implementation of this program will help protect the integrity of the Deputy, the Sheriff’s Office and provide the public with the transparency they deserve," said Sheriff DuMond.

The Body Worn Cameras were fully deployed today (June 12, 2019) after all Deputies received training on the associated policy and procedure and their operational use last week and had an opportunity to test them before this program was fully implemented.

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