A former home health aide was arraigned in Otsego County Court today on charges that she stole more than $33,000 from an elderly couple over a 15 month period when they were in her care.

Stephanie Shulgay, 32, plead “Not guilty” to the third-degree grand larceny charges, filed by a grand jury. It is alleged that she stole the money from the couple by using their credit and debit cards between July 2017 and October 2018, while working as a home health aide.

“You can’t just breach someone’s trust like that,” said District Attorney John Muehl.

According to the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, Shulgay allegedly used the money to pay bills for herself and an elderly uncle. Though she was originally charged with stealing $11,000, the investigation allegedly revealed that she was using checks, as well as cash and another credit card owned by the couple. In all, it is believed she stole $33,000.

She was arrested by the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department in November 2018.

District Attorney John Muehl, noting her family and ties to the area, asked Judge John Lambert to release her on her own recognizance. She is being represented by Matthew J. Swedick, Esq. out of Voorheesville.

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