National Frozen Yogurt Day and Month both fall in the month of February.  Huh?

It seems odd to me that in one of the coldest months of the year (at least for those of us living in states where traditional cold and snowy winters happen), we are celebrating anything frozen! Hot chocolate month? Tea month? That would seem to be a little bit more logical to me. But, it's national frozen yogurt month, so why not just embrace it?

Here are 12 of Upstate New York's most beloved frozen yogurt stands that beckon us inside to fill a cup with delicious frozen yogurt and then suffocate it with a mountain of tasty toppings. From the traditional sprinkles and chocolate chips to the more adventurous options like cookie dough pieces and your favorite cereal, with frozen yogurt, you can have it all!

On this list, we also sprinkle some iconic frozen custard stands too, which if you've never tried, is certainly a delicious offshoot I'd recommend. Sometimes an ice cream cone just won't do the trick. But a cup of frozen yogurt or custard, now that is always a winner.

Take a look at these places.  Some have been open for 50, 60 and even 80 years!  And we are glad they are still kicking.

We're well aware that there are far more than 12 great frozen yogurt spots in Upstate New York. So, tell us your go-to spot when you have a hankering for some frozen yogurt so we can spread the love!

Celebrate Frozen Yogurt Month at These Upstate New York Favorites!

It is curious that National Frozen Yogurt Day and Month falls in February, isn't it? I mean the icy tentacles of winter usually hold tight this month and maybe the last thing we might desire is a cup of frozen anything. But it is, so let's highlight it. At least we can dream of warm weather coming up right around the corner!

Here is a list of some top frozen yogurt places in Upstate New York. We have tried to stick to mom-and-pop independent stands throughout the region, but some larger ones have snuck onto the list. We recognize the size and popularity of chains like TCBY, Sweet Frog, and others, and they are delicious. So we put one large franchise place on the list as a representative of all the others (Menchie's, which has 500 locations nationwide).

But the others are small, mostly seasonal (unless they are inside) and wonderful. It is amazing how long a lot of these have been around..50, 60 and 80 years!

Oh, and we also put some legendary custard places on this list too, just for fun. We all like ice cream, that is for sure. But sometimes it is only a cup of frozen yogurt or frozen custard that will hit the spot!


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