What do you do when you think you hear someone mispronounce a common word.  I won't mention any names, but I swear I heard someone say ValentiMe's not ValentiNe's Day.  Of course, you chalk it up as I misheard what the person said.  And then, I hear it again. ValentiMe's Day. Then Again, ValentiMe's Day.  I feel like I'm not one to judge or correct.  So I start saying ValentiMe's Day back to the person to see if they will recognize what I'm saying and to be honest, to poke a little good-natured fun.

Could it be a thing?  Maybe it's an honored family tradition where an old sweetheart or a family member said it's time for you to be my ValentiMe.  I know, I'm stretching here.  But I always purposely say Samwich instead of Sandwich to recognize the comedic genius of Brett Kelly from Bad Santa.

One of the reasons I won't judge is because I had a similar run in with the word encroachment.  When I started out in play by play, I always thought this football term was pronounced enroachment.  My first partner was not so subtle when he said it's a penalty against the defense because they entered the neutral zone, not because they brought a roach with them.  I never made that mistake again.

Do you correct this person? Or do I just grin and bear it every February when I hear a healthy dose of ValentiMe's Day?   Regardless of your opinion I sincerely hope you have a Happy ValentiMe's Day!

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