Here’s what the immediate future of Marvel’s Disney+ universe looks like: Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel are both expected before the end of 2021. In 2022, we’ll get She-Hulk and maybe the most intriguing series of the entire bunch, Moon KnightThe show was created by Jeremy Slater and stars Oscar Isaac as the character that’s sort of Marvel’s answer to (or maybe critique of) Batman. Marc Spector is a wealthy guy with incredibly fighting skills and not much in the way of super powers who prowls the night, fighting bad guys in an elaborate costume and a variety of high-tech gadgets. The twist is that Spector may be insane, or have multiple personality disorder, depending on the version of the character. And he’s played by Oscar Isaac. There’s no reason this can’t be the most interesting Disney+ Marvel series.

On top of all that, Isaac’s nemesis on the show will be Ethan Hawke, who’s making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut on Moon Knight as well. We still don’t know who Hawke will be playing, but during an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Hawke did reveal that he’s basing his character on David Koresh, the infamous leader of the Branch Davidians cult.

As for how he got involved in the project, Hawke said it all came down to the fact that he and Oscar Isaac are neighbors and just happened to bump into each other. Here’s the full story:

I heard about it from Oscar Isaac, who lives like three blocks down the street from me in Brooklyn. I was at a coffee shop. He came up to me, he’s like, ‘Hey, I really liked The Good Lord Bird. I was like ‘Oh cool, yeah, I really like your work. You’re amazing.’ He’s like, ‘Hey, want to be in the Moon Knight with me?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’

Moon Knight is expected to premiere on Disney+ in 2022. Here’s Hawke’s full appearance on Late Night:

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