The sparkling movie marquees on some small town Upstate community theaters are their town's most iconic features.  Tiny towns, under 10,000 in population and many times in rural locations, have old movie houses that date back a century and these theaters have great Hollywood-style movie marquees out front.

We have all been drawn in by the kaleidoscopic marquees in places like Los Angeles or New York City, and these, though smaller, are just as beautiful.  Today, many of Upstate's fabulous marquees are refitted and ready to go for another century or two.  LED lights and digital movie title boards have replaced the old ones, some of them 50, 60 or even 100 years old.  Today, these marquees dazzle in the nighttime sky.

Most of these theaters are located in the heart of the town they are in, giving the center of the business district a distinctive up-scale look to them.  We know there are many that could be on this list, but here are 11 we find extra special.

Lights, Camera, Action! Dazzling Movie Marquees Across Upstate New York

Local movie theaters may be hard to find in recent years, but they have a beauty all their own. Check out a bunch of upstate theaters with some personality!

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