What better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than by visiting any of these 12 great ice cream stands in Upstate New York and treating yourself to an epic sundae!

Sundaes come in all kinds of concoctions. What is your favorite (I am sure it is on this list)?  As for me, I have two weaknesses when it comes to ice cream sundaes: hot fudge and peanuts! That is usually my go to when I order a sundae. Not a big fan of berries and cherries and stuff like that with my ice cream. But pour a bucket of hot fudge over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and then sprinkle it with peanuts, and I am in "sundae heaven."

These dozen ice cream stands have (for the most part) been around for a very long time. You will even see one on this list that has been open for 80+ years. The locations range from the Hudson Valley through the Catskills, up to the High Peaks Region, and then out through Central New York to Buffalo. Each entry has a link.

So, go to the drug store, pick up a Hallmark "Congratulations" card, then send it to yourself. And when you get it back in the mail, well, go and celebrate! With a great big Upstate New York ice cream sundae1

12 Great Ice Cream Stands in Upstate New York to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

What better way to celebrate this popular dessert and taste treat than by stopping by these fantastic dozen ice cream stands! Enjoy!

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