At the beginning of the decade, I was young, newly 21 and finally able to drink at bars, and full of hope that my twenties would be the best decade of my life! As I finished college, got into my career and grew more and more independent, I slowly retreated into my house, focusing more on self-care and learned to love spending my free time with myself and staying in.

Staying in helps to save money, and when you're planning a wedding or saving for a house or paying off your student loans, going out tends to be a bigger deal because you're focusing your money and spending elsewhere.

With the rise of social media in this last decade, staying connected with people has been easier than ever. You really don't have to go out to catch up with friends if you really don't want to.

Self-care has grown in recent years and staying home, focusing on your feelings and emotions and not subjecting yourself to strangers, loud noises, fear of crowds or any number of other things that could cause anxiety or stress.

So in this decade, staying in has been much preferred to going out, and I can't help but agree to that! I love staying in my house and watching movies and wearing face masks. That is fun to me!

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