With a new album out in just under two weeks, the Taylor Swift media machine is going at a whirlwind pace -- kind of like her newly released song: 'Out of the Woods.'

Hours before the track dropped Monday night, Billboard sat down with Taylor's co-writer/co-producer Jack Antonoff to talk about the song. Echoing similar sentiments expressed by Taylor in an interview a few days prior, Jack said of the track: "There's a frantic feeling in the song. What's interesting about 'Out Of The Woods' is that it doesn't really let up. It starts with a pretty big anthemic vocal sample that's me, and then there's a drum sample that kicks in that's kind of huge, and then you don't really know how you're going to get any bigger but then the chorus hits and it just explodes even larger. And then the bridge hits, and it gets even more huge."

The collaborative synth-pop effort between Taylor and Jack has a strong 80s feel, but according to Jack, the inspiration goes beyond simple musicality. Speaking with Billboard, Jack revealed the track's less obvious (but totally appropriate) influence: "...we were talking about John Hughes movies, and a lot of the music that inspired [them], and just this general culture of sound in that time period that was really larger-than-life in an anthemic, positive way. These songs could be at the end of films that were really, really beautiful and said a lot."

'Out of the Woods' isn't the first time Jack and Taylor have collaborated on a song and thankfully, it doesn't look like it'll be the last. The fun. guitarist revealed the name of another song he co-wrote with Taylor that also made her '1989' album called 'I Wish You Would.' He doesn't go into further detail about the track, but if it's anything like 'Out of the Woods,' we know it'll be great.

'1989' drops on Oct. 27, and we seriously can't wait!

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