Well here's something you don't see every day - a guy riding on the hood of a car down a street in New York, leaving us with plenty of questions.

Cody Davenport captured the bizarre moment while sitting at a stoplight in Mechanicville. "I looked in the rearview and saw a white Chevy pickup cut off all three lanes of traffic behind me."

The man in the Chevy proceeded to block in the red Kia. "It was so close he had to exit his vehicle over the center console and out the passenger door," Davenport said.

The man was then seen running around the truck while yelling at the driver of the Kia to pull over. "I see the Kia try and escape over the sidewalk. Then this man ended up on the hood. The driver of the Kia apparently didn’t care there was a guy on his hood and just drove away."

No Accident

Davenport assumed there had been some kind of fender bender where the road splits to a byway. It wasn't an accident the man ended up on the hood though. "I found out the man in the Chevy had money stolen from his truck and he chased down the thieves," Davenport said.

The man on the hood is Eddie Waters' neighbor who said, "he caught the people in the Kia stealing from his truck." They took off and he took off after them forgetting his phone. He stopped and tried to get them to pull over when this happened."

No word on whether to hood rider got his money back or not. But he was determined.

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