A century ago every little map dot in Upstate New York had a train depot in it.  I know my little hometown in Delaware County had one.  It was a bustling place, dropping people and freight off in our village and picking up passengers to take them to the far corners of the world (at least it seemed like that to a ten year old kid).

Today, most of these old, rural stations are gone, in bad repair, or are being used as storage places for town equipment or unneeded items.

But, wait!

We can find many old train depots that have  found a second life and that is what this list is all about.  Here are a dozen great old railroad train stations across Upstate New York that today sparkle as restaurants, house fascinating museums, or are places for communities to gather.  Take a look at the photos in this gallery.  The renovation of some of these old depots is truly amazing.

Attached to each entry is the link to the subject.  Check it out and visit some of these restaurants or historical museums.  And when you do go, look around you.  You never know what you will see.  Like the largest electric train layout in the East.  Or an upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling of a dining room.  Or a life-sized bronze statue of the station's most famous visitor.

All are great stories.  Check them out!

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