The Catskill Game Farm is a treasured memory for thousands of baby boomers and beyond in Upstate New York.  Just one look at these photographs and I am sure it will all come back to you in an instant.

The game farm, once America's largest family-owned private zoo, was a wonderland of hands-on experiences, an introduction to a variety of animals, and a fun amusement park all rolled into one.  Families from New York and beyond would travel to the Catskill Game Farm for a Family fun day of hands-on animal experiences. How many remember feeding the bears?  Petting the deer?  Riding on the old fire truck?  Bringing home a treasure from the souvenir gift shop? A day trip to the Catskill Game Farm was always an adventure to remember and often a tradition passed down for generations while it was still open and running.

These photos will tell the story!

And...the Old Catskill Game Farm lives on today as a Catskill Mountains boutique inn.  Yes, you can actually stay overnight in an original game farm building (the giraffe building!).  A truly one-of-a-kind experience sure the reignite those fond family memories from years before.

Check out this story and great photographs and get ready to take a trip back to the fabulous golden days of your youth and visits to the beloved Catskill Game Farm! If you have any memories or photos of your own from the Catskill Game Farm, feel free to share them with us!

Keeping Memories of the Catskill Game Farm Alive! Look at These Photographs!

There is perhaps no greater Baby Boomer memory for Upstate New York kids than a visit to the Catskill Game Farm. At one time, this special place was the largest family-run private zoo in America. It ran from 1933 to 2006.

Today it is still around in a fun and exciting fashion. Yes, today you can spend the night on the grounds of the original game farm and even stay in an original building of the theme park! It has been beautifully restored as a boutique Catskill Mountain inn, it is dripping in nostalgia, and it is awesome!

Look at the photographs below of both the "new" Catskill Game Farm inn, as well as some nostalgic 1950s and 1960s photographs of this wonderful place that we all remember so well.

And if you have memories to share of the Catskill Game Farm, please do so over on our Facebook page!

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