Welcome to the First Wednesday in June which marks National Running Day.  This day is a significant one for me because I have done a lot of running over the past 20 years.  I am not quite sure if you can call what I do as running because my speed is more in the jogging range.  I'm sure on some of my tougher days, fast walkers can even pass me.

I say running is a life changer in both a good way and a bad way.  Mostly good.  In my mid to late 20's I started running and I became obsessed with it.  I lost a lot of weight at the time and the feeling running could give me was almost euphoric.  Many days, for whatever reason, I just didn't have it, yet still put in the miles.  But the days I did have it, running felt amazing.  That was a frustrating thing for me as I could prep for a run the same exact way and it wouldn't guarantee that I would have a good running day.

I have done many races thru the years and my greatest accomplishment was completing a half marathon in Utica several years back.  I was most proud that my pace for the entire race was under an 8 minute mile.  The negative side of running for me has been injuries.  I have run thru countless discomforts but back, foot and leg injuries have significantly slowed me down.  I would love to work myself up to six miles, six days a week again.  I probably will never get back to that level but as long as running is in my life in some capacity, I will be happy.

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