The Friday before Memorial Day is known as National Road Trip Day.  Oh Boy, have road trips changed.  Today's vehicles usually provide a smoother ride with air conditioning.  Maps used to be the norm.  I am talking about the ones would take up the entire front seat.  The biggest difference is technology as kids today rely on electronic devices. Before devices, it was all about reading magazines, fighting with your brother and playing the license plate game.

One thing that will never change is the "Are we there yet?" that you will hear countless times from the backseat.  Bathroom stops at places you feel less than comfortable at will always remain a road trip staple.  The anticipation of getting to your destination is also a feeling that hasn't changed.  It is a magical feeling if it is a place you want to go.  If it's a trip to the in-law's, it's always encouraged to take a wrong turn or two.

Do you have a favorite road trip snack?  I don't know what it was back in the day but  I'm a fan of trail mix now.  Drink of choice?  The very healthy diet mountain dew.  I kid about the healthy part, but I like the taste and it usually gives me a little jolt.  The main thing that has changed for me is the random aches and pains that force me to stop and almost fall over when I get to a rest stop.  In the good old days I used to be able to drive non-stop until my Chevy Celebrity needed gas.

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