Since a day exists for just about everything, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it is National Paper Airplane Day.  So take a second at work to find the kid in you and make a paper airplane on May 26th.  I put paper airplane making into the arts and crafts category.  That means I am horrible at it.  Any plane that I ever made as a kid took an immediate nosedive into my desk.  I was jealous of others that could fly their creations throughout the entire classroom.  But the worst was getting doinked in the back of the head with one.

Let's take this time on National Paper Airplane Day to look at the best of all time.  A paper aircraft was once in the air for over 29 seconds which is the world record.  That happened in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima in December of 2010.  Well, how about the longest distance ever?  We have to go to McClellan Air Force Base near Sacramento to find this record set in 2012.  A paper airplane traveled 226 feet and 10 inches which equates to 69.14 meters.

What is the key to making a good paper airplane?  Unfortunately I am not the person to ask.  But I do know the paper needs to be folded in a certain way so that the folded paper actually glides. While you are having fun making a paper airplane, make sure you also have fun saying origami.  Because that is what you are doing, as making a paper airplane is a form of origami.

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