I know I’m not the only person who gets lost scrolling TikTok for hours at a time, but maybe I’m the only one who is doing it to help add value to your life.

Here’s the deal, when I see something awesome that I think will make your life easier, save you money or make you smile, I’m liking that video and bringing it to you here.

The latest things I’ve found are gonna blow your mind if you’ve living life in the fast lane, constantly on-the-go, like me.

First, I’m a meal prepper. I like to have snacks with me all the time. I drink protein shakes on the regular, but I don’t like to mix them ahead of time, because they get gross. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than an old protein shake that’s been sitting hot for hours... Seriously, that's disgusting.

Check out this first find. These amazing reusable silicone food storage bags stand up on their own, seal with liquids and have a pouring spout. “Add to cart.” I’m on this one right now. I might even gift it for the holidays.

Next, I always have trash in my car. I do my best to keep it clean, but a trashcan would certainly keep things more organized, and if I’m going to attach it to the back of the console as indicated, I’m going to need that purse hanger to put on the back of the passenger seat.

This combo will be arriving soon to my door.

How many times have you dropped your phone between your console and your seat? IF you’re like me that number looks something like this: 932,415,32…. But really, it’s annoying so this gadget prevents that, and also the french fries, loose change and chapstick from falling through, too!

Don’t want to fill the gap? Maybe you prefer pockets! These are pretty nifty and provide a place to store your phone and other small things if your cupholders are taken. I’m especially drawn to the visor clip, though. While I wouldn’t store my credit card in it, I would love an extra clip for my sunglasses, or other small items to have handy on my visor.

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