Are you like me? I scroll through TikTok seeing adorable outfits and wishing I spent more time shopping, or even organizing my closet to know what I already have. If I spent as much time going through my closet as I do on TikTok, I might be able to solve my own problem, but I digress.

My point is that I often see something cute, but I’m not totally sure how to recreate it. This is why I love these short little how to hack videos that give me the tips I need to feel more confident when I try something that’s out of my comfort zone.

For reference, my comfort zone has become yoga pants, leggings, pajama bottoms and a series of long sleeve t-shirts. Yes, most of the time I’m dressing for comfort. That said, occasionally I’m out in the real world and want to smarten up my appearance.

Here are three Fall Fashion hacks I found on Tik Tok that were worth sharing.

This is the one that I will use the most! I love my booties, and I have short legs, so I have to find the right size cuff to not make my legs appear any shorter than they already are. This little trick of scrunching them up and in first, before folding is genius and maintains the look. You can see the exposed hem.

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try this one yet. I may have to try it with a duet and get your opinion, but I like the concept. Sometimes I feel frumpy in my plaid button downs, and this would definitely change up the shape of the look.

This one I will try for sure. I tend to be a little too uptight around the collar in general. I’m a girl who likes to get things done! So, I’m feeling this look of relaxation in the collars and going to give it a shot to see if I like the look on me as much as I like it on her.


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