There is a documentary about the world's biggest Rocky movie fan called The Pretender.

Like everyone else, I 'm looking for good programs to watch to help pass the time. My friends and I are always trying to discover the next entertaining one to share with the group.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a text message from a buddy. I was recommended a documentary called "The Pretender" on Amazon Prime.

It's about a guy who is the world's biggest Rocky movie fan. He's such a big follower of the legendary movie franchise that he has become an interpreter.

Recently, I interview the director, Jim Toscano, and the star, Mike Kunda. If you missed it, check it out right now.

Video: Details about "The Pretender" An Inspiring Story of "Rocky" Super-Fan Mike Kunda

I really enjoyed the film. Kunda is living the American Dream while making a living doing something he loves. It's definitely in my top 3 show for quarantine including "Tiger King" and "The Last Dance." Plus, it's only an hour-long so you're not binge-watching for hours.

Check out the trailer...

Sylvester Stallone recently gave his endorsement to the documentary on his Instagram account. This pretty darn cool.

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Starring MIKE KUNDA. @theyophillyrockyfilmtour ( Don’t miss it!!! )

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For more info about the movie, HERE.

Do yourself a favor and watch "The Pretender."


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