Okay, I'm excited again.  I told you all about the NFL Draft and my strong feelings for it.  That has unfortunately passed but now we have entered the next buffer zone before the start of the actual season.  The release of the 2021 NFL Schedule is tonight.  It is somewhat anti-climatic because some games are announced throughout the day.  Also some games are mysteriously leaked on twitter.  Don't trust everything you see because some of the leaks come from unreliable sources.  Since I have serious trust issues, that is no problem for me.

As a Seahawks fan, I of course want to talk about their schedule first.  But I'm a company man so my main focus is on the Buffalo Bills.  The reason?  Our sister station, Classic Hits 103.1 will carry all the Bills games this season.  We are very excited for that.  Any clue on who the upstart Bills will take on in Week 1?

Oh yeh, the title probably gives it away.  An interesting matchup to kick the season off between Pittsburgh and Buffalo.  The Bills will host but it's obviously a short trip from the Steel City.  The projected quarterback duel is an intriguing one.  A QB on the rise in Josh Allen while A QB great that is near the end of his career in Ben Roethlisberger.  This is what I know as I write the blog.  But for those of you who hate waiting like I do, you may see other Bills games during the day.  I do know by tomorrow morning we will know the full schedule!  By the way, Seattle travels To Indianapolis for Game 1.

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