Has your sink ever looked like this?  Dirty dishes piled up to the point where you aren't entirely sure if there is still a sink there.  I bring this up because it is National No Dirty Dishes Day.  The other adult in the house will make sure there are no dirty dishes as she is basically washing the dish when I am still using it.  She is like part of a NASCAR Pit Crew changing tires during a pit stop.  The dishes can't be cleaned fast enough.

I tend to hold off on things I don't like doing.  I do not like doing dishes so back in my day they would pile up rather quickly. I always regretted that I did not do them right away.  The dishes would get absolutely nasty.  So nasty, it would cause me to have dry-heaves once in a while.  Leaving the dishes also made it that much harder to get the dishes clean.  Even with knowing that I could never bring myself to doing them right away.

Take a look at the picture I used for this blog.  I have never been a smoker so I don't know.  But do people really chuck the ash tray in the sink with the other dirty dishes?   Right next to a couple cherry tomatoes.  Even I would have taken the extra effort to have thrown those random tomatoes in the garbage.  It is ironic that May 18th is also National Visit Your Relatives Day.  If you are going to do that, then it's only right that Aunt Maude gets the Dawn out and make sure all the dishes are cleaned upon your arrival.

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