Friday is National Bubble Gum Day!  Chewing your favorite flavor of bubble gum is celebrated the first Friday in February every year.  Are you a fan of chewing gum?  Since I can't hear your answer, I will go first.  I can take it or leave it.  For me, I have two reasons for gum.  To chew it vigorously so I don't fall asleep driving.  Reason Number 2: Make my breath smell nice before I throw out a Smooch.  Reason Number 2 rarely comes about and even if it does, I tend to think mints do a better job. Oh, and I guess for some types, I like the flavor but that lasts a minute.

That's my opinion but since my 18 year old son chews a good amount of gum, I asked him some questions in order to fully embrace National Bubble Gum Day. His go to gum is Extra, peppermint flavor.  Aiven says this brand has the best mint flavor and the longest lasting.  I like that he is into gum because it's an easy stocking stuffer.  Much to my surprise he does not chew gum at college.  The reason why?  Chewing gum brings his mask down so it's not worth it to him to constantly adjust.  A great point that I never thought of.

Even though my son likes Bubble Gum and I don't mind it, I would eliminate all Bubble Gum forever.  Why would I take such a drastic measure?  I despise, I mean absolutely despise stepping in gum or touching gum.  I still shake every time I think of rubbing my hands underneath a table and feeling a hard piece of chewed up bubble gum.  I said to myself why would you ever put your hands under a table?  I completely recognize my poor decision making but that does not take away the memory.

Please go ahead and celebrate but I will hope one day for a gum free world so I don't live in fear of touching someone else's gum or stepping in it.


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