Every small town and village in Upstate New York has a story to tell.  Some keep their legacy hidden and hard to find.  Others proclaim their claim to fame right out on their welcome sign for all the world to see.  Here are ten great signs.

These stories on the signs may seem insignificant to the casual traveler, but to a history buff, they are a treasure trove in and of themselves.

Upstate New York Towns to Visit

I have a couple of favorites on this list.  But the one I really recommend you visit is along the lush valley between New York State and Vermont.  Here, along "Slate Valley," you will find the village of Granville.  This was once a wealthy village and several old homes still reflect the place's former wealth and influence.  And Granville made their money the old-fashioned way.  By mining naturally colored slate!

Here, in a 21-mile long valley, slate has been mined for more than 150 years.  And not just your ordinary slab of gray -colored slate.  The quarries here are full of naturally colored slate in reds, blues, purples, greens, and a whole rainbow of colors.  Obviously, this slate is highly prized by contractors that were looking for that little something extra for their very wealthy clients.

So pull off when you see the sign that reads "Welcome to Granville:  The Colored Slate Capital of the World."  There is a museum in the village that tells the amazing story of the thousands of European immigrants who toiled these quarries in the 1800s.  You can also see a mansion in town made completely out of rare natural bright red slate.  The only one of its kind anywhere.  Amazing!  And all because the community put their claim to fame out there for us all to see!

Each of these places is fascinating, as their signs tell.  So put them on your next Upstate New York road trip bucket list.  You won't be disappointed!

These Welcome Signs Tell the Amazing Story of 10 Small Upstate New York Towns

As a longtime road warrior, I am always intrigued by the small towns and villages who put their history, their claim to fame, right up on the welcome sign for all to see. I almost invariably pull off the road and go and explore. Check out these interesting welcome signs that have a great story to tell. (And stick around for another group of them following this gallery!)

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