My daughter and I had quite the adventure recently.  It all started with an innocent stop at the radio station for an evening bathroom break.  While Olivia was in the bathroom, I saw geese.  One adult and then I noticed at least ten babies waddling behind in triangle form.  The back of the radio station is basically an alley in downtown Oneonta so I was quite surprised on what I was seeing and had to quickly alert my 5-year old.

Olivia was very excited and we followed the geese into the alley but they were quick so I don't even think they knew we were trailing.  Without looking both ways, the geese crossed a usually very busy Chestnut St.  Luckily the mom and the babies made it safely to the other side.  That's where we lost them.  The hope is that they made it to Neahwa Park where water awaited them and a much safer place for the babies to roam.

On to adventure number two the next day.  Olivia and I made our first trip of the season to the Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway, which is a pedestrian trail that brings you right next to the water.  We saw a lot.  A snake, three chipmunks, three toads and the highlight was a baby and an adult turtle.

We first discovered the baby turtle hanging out near the shore barely in water.  After that encounter we continued the walk.  On the way back in a different location we heard rustling in the grass.  I look and it's an adult turtle just snacking away on a flower.  You see plenty in Oneonta when it comes to wildlife but last weekend far exceeded my expectations.

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