Joking with my son the other day, I commented how quiet I am when I get sick and unfortunately throw-up. That was a joke because I am embarrassingly loud when I vomit.  So Aiven retorted with "yeh, quiet as a church-mouse."  That got me thinking, why are church mice quieter than any other mouse?   Do the mice know that they are in a church?  And out of respect they choose to be quiet  But it can get quite boisterous at times especially when there is singing.  Why do the mice have to keep quiet when there is so much noise?

I would think the more appropriate phrase is, quiet as a library mouse.  If mice are hanging out in a library, wouldn't they have to be quieter than in a church?   The next thought I had.  Aren't we giving to much credit to mice?  Are they aware of their surroundings and make noise accordingly?  I am betting that a mouse is going to do what a mouse needs to do no matter where they are.

The next step is to research the saying.  I found little when it came to the actual saying.  Mice as a whole have enjoyed the reputation of being quiet and still in order to avoid predators.  Then I found out what is behind the phrase church mouse.  Churches usually have no food.  So the term church mouse is symbolic of a mouse that is deprived of food and is starving.  Well, that's very sad.  If they are in a weakened state, maybe they are lethargic and don't make much noise.  Hence the term, quiet as a church mouse.

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