At 44 years of age, I have had my share of Valentine's Day Gifts.  Some I have liked and others not so much.  But this year I can say without hesitation that I received the best Valentine's Day Gift ever.  I want to live a long life but I know, no matter how long I live that this amazing gift it will never be duplicated.

You can probably already see how lucky I am by the picture above.  I am now the proud and humbled owner of this Airpod Case Cover.  I am sorry if I am rubbing it into the people less fortunate for Valentine's Day that maybe received a less than stellar gift like a designer watch or a new laptop.  But I am never this lucky, so please put up with me while I boast about my prized possession.

It is taking forever for me to even write this because I am typing with one finger since I am firmly clutching the Airpod Case Cover in my left hand. I guess I'm still in disbelief that it's actually mine.  You know how there are moments in your life, that the second they happen your life will change forever.  The second I unwrapped this georgous thing I knew life would cease to exist as I know it.

I want to now only associate with people like me, that are also lucky enough to own an Airpod Case Cover.  I'm sure there is a group in Chenago County for Airpod Case Cover owners so please download the WKXZ app and give me all the info.  So I can lead my best life and share stories about my Airpod Case Cover.  February 14th, 2021 will go down in history as the day I received the best Valentine's Day Gift ever. Case closed.


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