I am done!  With a couple days to spare, phew.  I am referring to my taxes.  One of my favorites, Carla Balnis, an owner at the Tax Professionals in Oneonta greeted me with "Why are you here in May, Malanoski?"  She knows me oh to well and if the deadline is pushed back to June, I would show up in June.  I am the definition of a procrastinator.  It feels great to be done, finally.  The only disappointing part of this tax season, I did not see The Tax Professionals Owner Paul Ahearn and his pink shirt.

For those of you that are really waiting until the midnight hour, let me remind you of when the deadline is.  It is right around the corner, Monday May 17th is the deadline to file your tax return.  Does May 17th sound familiar?  Of course it does.  It is Bob Saget's Birthday.   That is the best birthday present you could ever give Danny Tanner.  You don't want to be the Kimmy Gibbler of the group and disappoint the man that truly made that house full.

It doesn't matter when you get your taxes done, as long as you do it by Monday.  Need some free help? Go to tax.ny.gov and you not only will get help in submitting your taxes but also in prepping them. I don't think they have any idea how much help I would need because I am clueless when it comes to taxes.  So I always go running to Carla and Paul about two weeks before taxes are due(whenever that may be).

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