It is here! Finally.  After looking at numerous mock drafts and doing a number of them myself, the actual draft begins tonight, sort of.  While all of you Jets, Bills and Giants fans will most likely see your team make a selection today I have to wait until pick 56.  As a Seahawks fan, I have to twiddle my thumbs while the fun starts for almost everyone else tonight.  The reason?  Jamaal Adams is the reason.  The Seahawks acquired the superstar safety from the Jets and for that Seattle had to give up a first-round pick this year and next.

The Draft is so special to me for a number of reasons.  It feels like an eternity from the Seahawks last game until their first preseason game(if there is a preseason this year).  The Draft serves as a buffer so the wait does not seem as painfully long.  The Draft also means I find out what particular players I will be cheering for every Sunday.  Out of any sports team, the Seahawks are my favorite so anything pertaining to them I am obsessed with.

Not only do the Seahawks have to wait until Friday Night to select a player, they only have three picks! No other team currently has fewer than six.  Many think that the Seahawks will end up with more due to General Manager John Schneider's track record of being able to trade down and acquire more picks.  If you are going to have so little draft capital, this is the year for it.  COVID-19 caused a level of uncertainty about these draft hopefuls that we have never seen before.  Saying that, three picks?   Seattle needs more than that!  Happy Draft Day everyone but for me it is Happy Draft Day Eve.

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